Common problems in mounting pit technology of Xinhui color box

2019-06-10 1501

1. Paper position:

(1) When the pasted face paper is thin and curly, the machine can not run too fast. When packing paper and corrugated cardboard, their relative directions should be aligned so as to avoid the transverse mounting prohibition due to the deviation of paper location. If the upper and lower chains of the machine are not aligned, there are errors in the front and back directions; the paper stopper limit device of the stacking table is not close to the edge of the paper, which makes the stack move from side to side, as well as the flexibility of the curled cardboard and the failure to arrange the cardboard when loading, it will also result in errors in the position of the surface paper and corrugated cardboard lamination.

(2) Machine feeding and positioning organization adjustment or maintenance is not appropriate, but also simple surface paper and corrugated paperboard mounting presents errors and shortcomings.

The loosening of the paper feeding chain makes the coordination of the upper and lower chains inconsistent or unstable.

The front of the upper/lower chain is loosened, which makes the edge of paper bump when feeding paper.

Pressed steel strips are not suitable for the contact orientation of face paper or the gap is too large, which does not slow down the inertia impulse of cardboard in high-speed movement.

Upper/lower rollers do not often clean and accumulate a certain amount of glue, which blocks the synchronous rolling of face paper or corrugated cardboard.

(3) Paperboard mounting errors caused by discomfort of gap between upper and lower rolling rolls and improper paper feeding

When the gap between the upper roll and the lower roll is not suitable, the laminated corrugated cardboard moves between the surface paper and the corrugated paper after passing through the upper roll and the lower roll.

If the surface paper is not properly transported, there will be blistering, degumming (due to the uneven length of intersection between cardboard on the conveyor belt and the uneven pressing of paper) and no quality faults in mounting.