How to Deal with the Problem of Thread Bursting in Printing Color Box

2019-06-10 1400

Control of explosion line:

1. Overweight pressure, according to the pressure of equipment, adjust the beer cutting effect, generally between 65% and 70% of the pressure beer, and between 45% and 30% of the pressure beer. Overweight pressure affects the die cutting speed, product line pressing is too heavy, and the service life of the beer knife is short.

2. As for the application of indentation line, correct use of specifications should not be too small, too small indentation line will lead to explosion and scattered paper.

3. The water point should be located in the right direction, and the window position where waste paper is easily scattered should be lifted correctly.

4. The indentation line should be fixed 502 when it is attached to the bottom plate. Not only should it be fixed well, but also the line head must be flattened. Because of the speed too fast, the indentation line is easy to run, crack, and lead to burst, maybe drop or abnormal.

5. When pushing the plate frame, remember not to push too hard, push too hard will cause slight changes in the platform, while the die will follow the inertia movement.

6. The most important thing is that the self-inspection is in place. According to the process, norms and implementation of self-inspection, it is necessary to fold the product line 180 degrees, carefully look at each line.

Control of Blasting Knife:

1. According to the thickness of paper, determine the standard indentation line. If the indentation line is too high, it will lead to knife explosion and difficult to pull out the paper.

2. The use of indentation line according to the paper quality is still the technical intermediate line. Because of poor paper quality, the use of indentation line will make the product blasting knife extremely severe.

3. According to the number of typesetting die and whether there are too many skylights, if there are too many typesetting and skylights, the best technical intermediate line, the main line using the bottom line, the role is very good.

4. According to the captain's practical experience, when you get the knife board, you should first make clear which part of the product will explode (for example, the general box, the lid, the sticky position, the skylight around the skylight, the nearest position of the press line from the beer knife is the main local position of the explosion knife). You should first stick the explosion-proof glue well, but the explosion-proof glue is the best function of the explosion-proof knife when it is higher than 1 m~2 M.