Is Printing Jiangmen Color Box Important

2019-06-10 1372

Color is the general tendency and general mood of the color equipment on the screen. It is the main color of a group of colors, and it occupies the absolute dominant printing technology in the whole picture. Packaging requires that the long-distance shelf from the moment of visual excellence, convey commodity information, which requires a strong sense of the overall color to cooperate with the printing market. Therefore, the key to color packaging planning is the consumables of color planning equipment. The requirements of color planning should be unified with the main functions of the products, such as red tone for gift packaging and cold printing technology for cold drink packaging. The color planning needs to be unified with the age, the preferences and taboos of different regions and nationalities. We should be able to get used to this change and conform to the trend of the times. For example, people in Islamic parishes prefer green to yellow; Tibetans prefer white to pale yellow and green; Manchus prefer yellow, purple, red and blue to white. For export commodities, packaging planning can only respect the customs and printing stores of other countries or nationalities.

On a twelve-color phase ring, two similar colors are called harmonic printing. Colour and give people a sense of implicit, rich, elegant, pleasant, comfortable printing alliance. The main harmony methods are: the same color refers to the same color but different brightness color cooperation, such as light green, bright green, dark green cooperation or light red, dark red co-printing. Approximate color sum refers to the cooperation of different colors containing the same ingredient, such as orange, vermilion and yellow, which is easy to harmonize printing technology.