How to Solve the Problem of Colour Box Glue Opening

2019-06-10 1497

The difficulty of color box opening control lies in paste box operation. Before the glue is completely cured, its function is difficult to grasp. It needs to be stabilized by controlling the parameters of glue. Others, in the glue incoming material inspection, about the viscosity, solid content, pH value, shelf life and other parameters to be mastered. The glue changes slightly, and the temperature of storage environment is generally between 8 and 35 C.

It is necessary to use chemical materials such as paste glue in pasting process of color box, which results in the increase of variable elements and the corresponding increase of potential quality risk. Colour box opening is a common quality problem of paste box, and it is also a key control project of paste box process.

Correct selection of paste box glue

It is very important to choose the correct paste glue for color box without glue. Once the paste glue is used incorrectly, it will cause the whole batch of color box to open glue. The basic principle of choosing paste box glue is to choose different glue according to the different surface disposal methods of color box paper. If the sticking position of the color box is the bonding between the general paper surface and the general paper surface, the inner glue can be used when pasting the box; if the paper surface and the film surface (including light film and dumb film) are bonded, the paper plastic water should be used when pasting the box, and different paper plastic water should be chosen according to the different film surface materials, such as PET or OPP film surface, when pasting the box, different paper plastic should be selected. Water; if the paper surface is bonded to the polished surface, polishing glue should be used when pasting boxes.