What factors affect the quality of color box printing

2019-06-10 1393

1. The Effect of Film Film on the Quality of Color Box Printing

The development and fixing process of film after exposure is directly related to the clarity and contrast of pictures on film. Therefore, for plate-making film, the key is to see the density of the graphic part and the contrast between the graphic part and the non-graphic part. The higher the density, the greater the contrast, the better the quality of the plate-making film, and the printing quality can be guaranteed. In addition, the thickness of the plate-making film base also has an impact on the plate-making quality. Generally, thin film is better than thick film.

2. The Effect of Printing Plate on the Quality of Color Box Printing

In the process of printing plate, the intensity of light source, the distance between light source and plate, and the length of exposure time will affect the quality of printing plate. The light source is strong, the interval is short, the exposure time is relatively short; the light source is weak, the interval is long, and the exposure time is relatively long. Under certain light source and interval, with the increase of exposure time, the differentiation of the film in the visible part of the plate becomes more serious until the film surface is completely differentiated. If the exposure time continues to grow, the edge of the film surface is not seen because of the radiation effect of strong light, and the film also begins to gradually differentiate, so that the printed plate lines will become thinner, even broken and molded. If the exposure time is short, the surface of the non-graphic part is not fully differentiated, and the non-graphic part still has the film after the plate develops, which will become dirty when printed on the computer. In addition, different brands of printing plates need different exposure times, which need to arouse people's attention.

In addition, when the plate is vacuum-pumped, the degree of close contact between film and plate also affects the quality of plate. If the sticking is not true, the printed plate may suffer from duplication and unclear mold.