Solutions to the Edge Burst Problem of Jiangmen Color Box Folding Box

2019-06-10 1466

It is well known that the reason why Jiangmen color box bursts is that the moisture content and folding resistance of paper are too low, and the climate is dull. Here are some practical treatment methods.

1. How to Stick to the Moisture of Colored Cardboard

1. Adhere to the moderate dryness when polishing, generally choose large-caliber air extraction duct and install water cooling device in the drying duct, so as to avoid the dryness and crispness of the color paper in the drying and curing process.

2. Generally, the moisture content of the paperboard can reach more than 10% after lamination. However, when the climate is high and dry and the moisture content of the paperboard is very low, the moisture of the glue evaporates quickly and the moisture content of the paperboard is still very low. At this time, it is advisable to use the wet water roller of self-mounting machine to wet the reverse side of the cardboard. At the same time, choose the glue with low solid content and increase the amount of glue, so that the moisture content of the laminated cardboard can be increased quickly.

3. For mounted coloured paper, if the moisture content is too low, you can use a monochrome Offset Press or flexo press to print on the reverse side of the cardboard once. After printing, you can wrap the cardboard tightly with a fresh-keeping film, which is better than die-cutting after the moisture balance of the cardboard the next day. Note that it is best to stick the box immediately after die cutting. If you need to place the box for a period of time, then stick the box again, you need to use "fresh-keeping film" to wrap it, so as to avoid premature loss of moisture and recurrence of old diseases.