Solutions to the Problem of Furring and Dusting of Color Box in Die Cutting

2019-06-10 1579

The fuzzing and dusting of Jiangmen color box during die cutting are common problems faced by many packaging and printing manufacturers, and there has been no good treatment.

The main factors leading to die cutting hairing are paper quality and die pressing.

Effect of Paper Quality on Die Cutting Furring

As the packaging requirements of some high-grade products are getting higher and higher, white cardboard, film-coated gold, silver cardboard and aluminized cardboard are generally used in packaging and printing plants. These papers are divided into two types: raw paper and recycled paper. The quality of raw paper is good, the paper fibers are longer, and the paper wool and dust occur during die cutting are less.

The paper fiber of recycled paper is short, and it is easy to produce paper wool and dust during die cutting. Especially regenerated gold and silver cardboard fuzzing is more serious, because the appearance of PVC film or PET film to die cutting brings certain difficulties. However, in order to reduce costs and promote the development of environmental protection of paper products, many manufacturers choose recycled paper. In this way, the problems of paper wool and dust can only be dealt with from the aspect of moulding.

Effect of Die Pressing on Die Cutting Furring

Generally, we adopt the traditional way when moulding products. For example, the height of the die cutter is 23.8mm, and the indentation line is 23.8mm-0.3mm = 23.5mm. Although the method of choosing indentation line height is correct, it neglects the interval between indentation lines in product forming structure. For example, the space between indentation lines is less than 20 mm when the hard box is flipped over the cigarette case. Because the interval is too small, if indentation and die cutting are carried out at the same time, the indentation will make the paper pull and tear the paper apart before the printed paper is completely cut, leading to the occurrence of paper hair. Therefore, in order to deal with the problem of paper wool, it is necessary to start with adjusting the interval between indentation lines, so as to reduce the indentation tension or change the order of indentation and die cutting.