How to deal with the large opening of color box moulding

2019-06-10 1064

Now packaging color boxes not only need bright colors, generous design, but also beautiful shape, square rules, indentation lines clear and smooth, non-explosive lines and so on. However, in the production process, some problems often arise, such as the opening of the packaging carton is too large after forming.

Drug packaging carton is even more so, it is facing tens of millions of patients, packaging cartons of low quality, it directly affects the customer's trust in products; together, the number of drug packaging cartons, small standards, the corresponding treatment is difficult.

There are many reasons for the excessive opening of the cardboard box after forming. The decisive factors are mainly in two aspects:

1. The reasons on paper (including the use of drum paper, the moisture content of paper, the direction of paper fiber);

2. Technological reasons, such as appearance treatment, template manufacturing, indentation line depth and patchmaking pattern. If these two problems can be well dealt with, then the problem of carton forming can be dealt with accordingly.